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GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor Certification Badge
Three Best Rated Excellence in Windsor Badge
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Better Business Bureau A+ Accreditation Badge
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Gauthier Roofing and Siding
The #1 Rated Windsor Roofing Company

Gauthier Roofing and Siding

266 County Rd 42, Windsor,
ON N8N 2L9, Canada

Phone: 519-727-6622

We are located approximately 7 miles East of Windsor Airport, or 1 mile East of Manning Road (aka County Road 19). We service the Greater Windsor area.

How Choosing Gauthier as Your Windsor Roofing Contractor of Choice Benefits You!

Roofing Windsor – If you find yourself in need of an exterior home improvement contractor in the City of Windsor, look no farther than Gauthier Roofing and Siding. Since our inception in 1968, we’ve served over 35,000 clients. We provide local roofing services, vinyl siding replacement and installation, exterior window and door, skylights, and eavestrough system installation services.

Understandably as a homeowner, you want to ensure your residence not only looks beautiful, but that it’s also well protected against our harsh Canadian climate. At Gauthier Roofing and Siding, as we continued to serve the residents within the city, we realized there was a need for a contractor who offers complete exterior home improvement services. A company who not only offers roofing services, or siding services, or just windows or doors. But a company who Windsor residents could trust in for the full exterior appearance and protection of their home.

However, what really makes Gauthier Roofing and Siding stand out when compared to many other local Windsor contractors, is that all of our employees specialize in a particular trade, which causes them to be exceptionally skillful in their specific area of expertise…

…But What Does This Mean To YOU

It means when you make the decision to work with (and trust in) Gauthier Roofing and Siding for your upcoming project (whether it be roofing, siding, windows, doors, skylights or eavestroughs) you will enjoy the highest-level of quality, and unequaled craftsmanship in the work completed on the exterior of your home.

This means you can feel 100% confident knowing that whatever project you would like us to undertake, it will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

We Offer More Than Just Roofing in Windsor!


Residential Roofing Services

From our humble beginnings we have been, and will continue to be, the leading residential or home roofing company in Windsor. We are considered specialists in the installation of asphalt roofing shingles and are factory certified by GAF, North America’s largest asphalt shingle manufacturer – This enables us to offer YOU enhanced warranty coverage, over and above the basic warranty most Windsor roofing contractors are capable of providing. Whether it’s a total roof installation (often known as a “roof replacement”) or even advice on proper roof maintenance, Gauthier Roofing and Siding can help walk you through the entire roofing process. Visit our roofing services page to learn more and request a roof replacement estimate.


Exterior Vinyl Siding Services

At Gauthier Roofing and Siding, we also offer home exterior vinyl siding replacement and installation to Windsor ON residents. With over 70 different colors to choose from, we are guaranteed to have the ideal choice for your home.

Also, with each vinyl siding installation project we offer soffit, fascia, and seamless eavestroughing, with optional accent additions such as shutters, louvers, and more, which add the final touches to ensure the finished project is exactly how you imagined it would be.  To learn more, visit our vinyl siding services page, you can also see how your house would look with our Virtual Home Remodeler.

Exterior Window Replacement and Installation

Exterior Window Installation Services

At Gauthier Roofing and Siding, we also offer exterior window replacement and installation services. All of our windows are energy efficient and come in a diversified selection of styles, shapes and different colors. Also, all of our window installation technicians are Window Wise trained, meaning they’ve passed their rigorous national window installation training program. We are also a member in good standing with the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada. To learn more about the exterior window installation services we offer the residents of Windsor ON, visit our exterior window installation services page.

Exterior Doors

Exterior Door installation Services

Beyond being a residential roofing and siding contractor in Windsor ON, we also offer exterior door replacement and installation. We carry a large selection of steel and fiberglass insulated doors, including a number of handcrafted door lites.

We can also have the door you choose factory painted to  match the exterior and interior of your home. We offer storm doors and patio doors as well. Visit our page dedicated to the residential doors and door installation services we offer.


Skylight and Sun Tunnel Installation Services

As the premium roof replacement company in Windsor ON, many of our clients make custom requests. One of the most frequent of those is for skylights (often know as “skylites”) or sun tunnels. At Gauthier Roofing and Siding, all of our roof installation technicians are certified installers of Velux Skylights and Sun Tunnels. Whether you want to increase the natural light which enters your home, or give the space a larger or more open feel, a skylight or Sun Tunnel could be the answer you’re looking for.  To learn more about the benefits one of these could add to your home, please visit our skylight and sun tunnel installation page.


Eavestrough and Gutter Replacement Services

As the top roofing and siding contractor in Windsor ON, it only makes sense that we would also provide eavestrough replacement services too.  All of our eavestroughing systems are heavy-duty and secured with durable hangers. As an upgrade, we can also install optional eavestrough covers, sometimes know as gutter guards) which guarantees you’ll never need to clean your eavestroughs or gutters for 40 years.

To learn more about our custom eavestrough and gutter systems, visit our eavestroughing page.

Why So Many People Choose Gauthier Roofing and Siding When They Are looking for “Roofing Windsor”

When you’re looking to hire an exterior home improvement contractor, you want to ensure you’re making the right choice, so the project is finished right the first time. At Gauthier Roofing and Siding we are proud to say we are consistently awarded for the quality work we provide our clients.

We’ve been presented with the prestigious “Company of the Year Award” by the Windsor Chamber of Commerce. We’ve also been selected as the “Best Roofing Contractor in Windsor” by “Three Best Rated”, have won two Better Business Bureau “Business Integrity Finalist Awards”, and we maintain the greatest number and are the highest rated exterior home improvement contractor in all of Windsor ON and Essex County. If you would like to see more of our awards, you can review them on our awards and honors page.

What To Look For in an Exterior Home Improvement Contractor in Windsor, ON?

A Summary of Services Gauthier Roofing and Siding in Windsor ON Offers

  • Roof Replacement and Installation Services
  • Residential Vinyl Siding Installation
  • Exterior Window Replacement Services
  • Exterior Door Replacement Services
  • Skylight and Sun Tunnel Installation Services
  • Eavestrough Replacement and Installation Services

If you’re looking to upgrade the exterior appearance of your home and ensure it’s protected, request an estimate with Gauthier Roofing and Siding. The leading residential window, door, siding and roofing company in Windsor ON. 

Roofing Windsor City Hall Image

At Gauthier Roofing and Siding, we’ve been serving our beautiful city for over 50 years. Just across the river from Detroit, Michigan and located in Essex County, Windsor ‘ home to some popular landmarks such as the University of Windsor , Caesars Palace Casino and has a metro population of 344,747. Named after Windsor in Berkshire England, and referred to as “The City of Roses” and the “Automotive Capital of Canada”.

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Gauthier’s Windsor Roofing FAQ

How can I tell if I need a new roof for my Windsor, ON home?

If asphalt shingles were installed 10 to 15 years ago, especially given some of the inferior options available at that time, your roof might be ready for replacement. Some of the warning signs to look for with an asphalt shingle roof are excessive granule loss, curling, cupping, cracked or missing shingles. Signs of interior water damage can also raise a red flag. Sometimes the roof just visually looks old and worn, especially in the valleys. If you live in a neighbourhood where many of the homes have roofs of similar ages, and you’ve noticed that a number of these neighbours have replaced their roofs, then it’s time to take a close look. If unsure if you need a new roof, you can also reach out to a professional roofing contractor.

How much does a new roof cost?

There are several factors involved in the cost of a new roof. The main ones are the material selected, the scope of work, the size/style of the roof and the roofing contractor. A good shingle, as part of a complete roof system, installed by a reputable roofing contractor that has proper insurance coverage, provides a warranty, and an invoice will cost more than the alternatives. Keep in mind that roofing isn’t unlike anything else, in that you get what you pay for. For the majority of homes in the Windsor area, installing a new roof with fibreglass-based laminate style asphalt shingles, along with the rest of the components in the roofing system, by a reputable roofing contractor costs between $4500 and $9500.

How long will it take to replace my Windsor, ON roof?

Most shingle roofs can be replaced in a day or two, but large and/or steep roofs can take more time. A professional Windsor roofing contractor will make sure your roof is protected at the end of each workday so that in the event of rain before the next day, your home is protected. Sometimes some factors can add to the time it takes, like rotten wood replacement, weather delays or even how cooperative the old roof is when being removed. Sometimes an old roof peels off nicely in sections and other times, it can be very dry and brittle, breaking into little pieces. It’s essential to put the focus on craftsmanship as opposed to speed.

How long will a new shingle roof last?

This depends on several factors, mainly the material used, the roof’s design (ex. steep vs. shallow pitch), whether a roof system approach is used if regular maintenance is performed, and the quality of the installation. Weather patterns, as well as how much damage the sun will cause moving forward, are also factors. If an excellent fiberglass-based laminate style asphalt shingle is used as part of a complete roof system (i.e. full underlayment, proper ventilation, coordinated accessories, etc.), then maximum longevity can be achieved. From what we’ve seen in the Windsor area, 20-25 years have been achievable. Time will tell if they can last longer, but realistically not much more would be anticipated. As a side-note, for the price point in relation to other roofing materials (ex. metal, wood, rubber, clay tile, slate, etc.) it’s hard to beat the value of asphalt shingles. Other roofing material options may last twice as long, but they typically cost at least twice as much.

How do fiberglass shingles compare to asphalt shingles?

This is a common question, but it stems from a misconception. Fiberglass shingles are still asphalt shingles. Organic-based asphalt shingles were popular in the past, and these were typically referred to as asphalt shingles. When fiberglass-based asphalt shingles came out, they were usually referred to as fibreglass shingles, giving the impression that one was asphalt and the other fiberglass. In reality, both are asphalt shingles with the difference being the base of the shingle, one being an organic mat (i.e. paper) and the other being a fiberglass mat. Each of these mats (AKA bases), would be saturated in asphalt in the production process. It’s important to note that the organic-based shingles are no longer being manufactured, as their longevity paled in comparison to the fiberglass-based shingles, sometimes lasting less than ten years.

What are the benefits of hiring Gauthier Roofing and Siding for your Windsor Roofing project?

We are a family run business in operation for over 50 years and have served over 35,000 customers in the Greater Windsor area. We are a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor. Less than 3% of roofing contractors in North America have achieved this status, and it enables us to offer you enhanced warranty coverage over and above standard warranties. We are the Best Roofing Contractor in Windsor, as selected by Three Best Rated. We’ve had a continuous A+ rating with the BBB since becoming a member 45 years ago, and we are a two-time BBB “Business Integrity” finalist award winner. We have also won a Windsor Chamber “Company of the Year” award. We have a verified 5 Star Google My Business client experience rating along with a 5 Star review rating on the BBB, Trusted Pros and Yellow Pages. We are the highest rated exterior home improvement company in Windsor and nearly 80% of our work comes from previous customers and referrals. We also offer complete exterior home improvements.

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This award is from the BBB of “Western Ontario”, one of several awards we have been privileged to receive over the years. Click below to see more.

“The workers were very efficient & thorough. Management follow-up was unexpected but appreciated. Please feel free to offer my home and name as a reference to future clients. Thanks again.”
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Let the light in! We can replace an existing skylight or install one in a new location. Not enough room for a skylight? A Sun Tunnel may be the option for you.
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